"This performance was one of the best if not the best ever"

Bill Ziebart - SAAR

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The most astonishing show of the year…

“Mind over Magic”

Witness the impossible!

This mind blowing spectacular showcases the jaw dropping talents of 2 of the most incredible performers in Saskatchewan,
Chester McBain and Jacene Dickson.
Hilarious magic and acts of breathtaking wonder are combined with stunning displays of mind reading.  

Mind over Magic will dazzle audiences of all ages and make believers out of you. This production has stunned thousands with some of the most amazing and miraculous feats ever to be seen on stage. You will be thrilled, mystified and involved. Audience participation makes this show one that will be spoken of for many years to come.  

Astounding mind reading and fascinating displays of the power of the mind await you in Jacene’s Mind Mystique. Beauty and brains together at last.
Jacene will boggle your mind and keep you on the edge of your seat as she demonstrates her mastery in mind reading and psychology. She will take you on an amazing journey.
You decide, did she read your thought or plant a thought within your mind? One of Canada’s only female mind readers will give you a performance to be remembered.

From a journey through the mind to a break from reality, Chester – The Entertainer takes over with jaw dropping entertainment from a modern day wizard.  

Enjoy the magic performed from the magician that entertained the world with the video that went double viral – over 50 million views and winner of Americas Funniest Videos.
Chester proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that his magic is jaw-dropping and eye popping. His lifelong experience performing the art of magic will truly amaze and have you believing in the unbelievable.
When Chester takes the stage his professional experience shows! Countless testimonials from extremely satisfied clients and amazed audience members prove that magic performed by Chester is like watching no other.  

“Mind over Magic”

“I have seen David Copperfield perform in Las Vegas and found Chester and Jacene’s show to be more entertaining and funnier. I cannot remember laughing so hard or being that entertained in years.” 

Ryan Bast
Motor Safety Association

“This is Don Narcisse, I gotta chance to see their show.
Man, it’s off the chain!
I was sit’n back, they say there was a magic show coming up, You know, I’m thinking like you thinking, ah hey it’s nothing,
They came up to me and did something to me that just blew my mind!
It’s overwhelming, I tell you what…
You need to hire these people, they’s something else!”